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The name “Cisco” usually denotes a sense of quality and user-friendliness, both in and from the office. Cisco has consistently turn out with new products, but the main vision hasn’t changed. Their stamp of quality reflects t

Benefits of C1111-8P Cisco Integrated Services Router 1111 Router – 8-port – Gigabit Ethernet

Easily increase your branch offices with these industry-leading router capabilities:

● Networking, services, computing, and storage integrated into an individual form factor to supply the capabilities of an complete branch in one box

● Consistent, gigabit performance while multiple services run concurrently

● Modular Cisco IOS® XE Software, which quickly adapts to changing needs

● Edge-compute implementation for mission-critical applications with UCS-E Series.

● Extend Intent-Based Networking to the WAN by deploying Cisco Secure SD-WAN.

● Pervasive security with VPN options, threat defense services, and regular policy enforcement

● Trust Anchor Technologies, avoiding modern cyberattacks, as well as counterfeit and unauthorized modification of hardware and software

● MACSec within the WAN to give a line-rate network encryption solution over Layer 2 Ethernet transport services

● A variety of WAN access connectivity options such as 4G LTE, T1/E1, T3/ E3, xDSL, serial, and fiber Gigabit and 10Gigabit Ethernet capabilities

● Reduced Operational costs supporting programmability through NETCONF/ YANG and the ability to patch vulnerabilities in the IOS software though Software Maintenance Upgrades (SMU)

● Effective license management and tracking with a combination of Smart Licensing on the router and Cisco Smart Software (CSSM) as the management portal

Auto-configuration of Cisco Intelligent WAN features helps deliver Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD WAN) to enterprise networks.

Intelligent services reduce bandwidth costs

The 4000 Series runs Cisco SDWAN, a comprehensive set of traffic control and security features. With Cisco SDWAN, you get all the business-grade capabilities of an Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN using other types of less-expensive links. You get per-application traffic management, WAN optimization, and VPN tunneling, for example, which you can put to work across Internet, cellular, and other lower-cost services as you add connections. And you may activate new router services on demand through a simple licensing change.

Remote application installation and management capacities mean you don’t need local IT staff to provide a completely comprehensive computing and networking experience in the branch. That will come in convenient in new or smaller sites where you don’t own it personnel already. All of this plus convergence and stable, high-speed performance means you can now roll out your branch services at the speed of business.

Near-instant SDWAN configuration

Now you can configure your Cisco SDWAN features in next to virtually no time, because of Cisco’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) controller, the vManage application that sits on the cloud. The vManage sits in the cloud and automates lots of tasks over the network.

You are able to implement an SDWAN setup on your Cisco WAN infrastructure without significant setup time and with zero touch deployment; you merely install the ISR router on your WAN infrastructure and it connects to the vManage by way of a zero touch provisioning. The vManage then translates business policy straight into network device-level policy for computerized compliance with your corporate and industry-mandated polices.

By giving cloud based management simplicity, customers can easily and automatically talk about the device. The functions team for the cloud automates the configuration of Cisco SDWAN features, such as Quality of Service (QoS), path management, and security, in Cisco branch and edge WAN routers. The cloud approach slashes the multiple Command-Line Interface (CLI) steps to only a few mouse clicks per site providing the capability to configure, deploy, and manage many branch offices hasn’t been easier.

Software subscription through Cisco DNA licensing

The ISR4000 series supports software based subscription using Cisco DNA based licensing. Three Cisco DNA based software subscription licenses are for sale to the WAN portfolio: Cisco DNA Essentials, Cisco DNA Advantage and Cisco DNA allowing customers to truly have a single unified solution that spans across the whole access routing portfolio. The Software subscription through Cisco DNA Licensing allows customers to seamless manage their networks through the Cisco DNA Center or through the vManage for different bandwidth tiers and functionalities. The approach offers an individual subscription license which allows the client to provision either (one) of Cisco DNA Center or Cisco SDWAN in their network.

Providing support for a secure branch

With increasing needs to access cloud based applications and the movement of Applications to the cloud, most organizations today have local access to the internet at the branch. Access to the internet at the branch brings about the need for WAN Security at the branch. Cisco routers accomplish that through three critical technologies.

● WAN MACSec: that delivers a line-rate network encryption solution over Layer 2 Ethernet transport services, whether it be over Metro Ethernet transport or Data Center Interconnect (DCI) links or WAN connections that are leveraging Ethernet as the link-layer media.

● Cisco Encrypted Threat Analytics: that delivers a functionality allowing customers to do cryptographic assessments and identify malware communications in encrypted traffic through passive monitoring.

● Intrusion Prevention and Cloud Security Services: that delivers lightweight Intrusion Prevention capabilities and a straightforward cloud-delivered security service thro

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