Exploring Marbella In A Rented Luxury Car


Marbella, situated between Malaga and Gibraltar on Spain’s Costa del Sol is well known as the playground of the rich and famous. It is where those the paparazzi pursue come to spend their summers. They either choose to stay at ultra-luxury hotels such as the Nobu Hotel Marbella or the exclusive Finca Cortesin. Still others remain onboard Superyachts moored at the Puerto Banús Marina – trusting that security will keep the hordes at bay.

When the mega-wealthy, stars and socialites do go out on the town they will spend their evenings enjoying Michelin starred dining destinations such as the two-star Dani Garcia Restaurant with its signature tasting menu items such as Malaga Suckling Goat and Gazpachuelo with whiting and shellfish. They will also take a seat at Skina with its incredible seasonal seafood offerings attracting the well healed.

Fashionistas and opinion-makers also flock to the stunning beaches (and their beachside eateries) of Marbella and stroll through the Old town with its incredible selection of boutique shops and lively nightspots. The Plaza de Naranja or ‘Orange Square’ is a tourist favorite. For those who want a more laid back beach experience San Pedro de Alcantara on the Western outskirts of the town is perfect just to lay back and enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean sunshine.

For those who are intent on enjoying the wonders of Marbella the experience can be taken to the next level by renting a luxury car. Not only will a luxury motor vehicle provide the perfect solution for exploring the countryside that surrounds the town – but it will also allow the renter to fit in with the rich and famous.

There are a number of car rental agencies in Marbella that cater to those who have a taste for the finer things in life – especially when it comes to a sophisticated automotive experience. A wide variety of makes and models are available. these include Ferraris, Lamborghinis, various Pagani models, Rolls Royce, McLaren and many others, including imposing all-wheel-drive vehicles that are perfect for getting a birds-eye view of the town and engaging in a little people watching.

A luxury motor vehicle can be the key that unlocks the many doors that are firmly closed to those of a pedestrian nature. Arriving at a Michelin starred restaurant on a moped is not going to get you that premium table – but a luxury supercar or luxurious prestige saloon might just convince the maitre d that the driver and his (or her) companions are deserving of the superstar treatment. The same applies to the entrance to one of the exclusive nightlife destinations in Marbella.

A great first impression is key to enjoying the wonders of Marbella – and renting a luxury car rental marbella is one of the best ways to be recognized as a person of consequence. It’s also immensely rewarding to be able to explore Marbella in the comfort of a motor vehicle that is usually only available to the select few. For those considering a vacation in Marbella luxury car rental is an option that is well worth exploring.

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