Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know


If you’re fed up with managing the body hair and would prefer to remove it permanently, then you really only have one option: lasering. Luckily, it’s an effective process.

How does laser treatment work? It’s not quite the white-knuckled, James-Bond-awaiting-his-doom experience you might imagine. “Essentially, the lasers release energy in to the skin, and the pigment (or melanin) in the hair follicle absorbs this energy, and the hair follicle is destroye

With British summer time reaching its timely end and the warmer weather evaporating all prematurely, the probabilities are that you’re not considering next summer right now. Halloween is approaching and then commences the Christmas shopping, usually are not in our midst is considering June 2019? This season, we experienced an urgent heat wave that lead to around 6 in 10 folks Brits saying they’d likely visit to Britain amid these temperatures rather than venturing abroad. With all of this warmer weather and exactly how long it seemed to last for, we’re certain there is most of us that were frustrated by continuous hair removal having to be maintained. At what point do we start preparing in advance for our summers and not fretting about pesky hair regrowth? Here’s why you should consider Laser hair removal this autumn!

How does laser treatment work?
Let’s first learn how laser hair removal works. Laser treatment uses IPL (intense pulsed light) to repeatedly deliver bursts of light to the procedure area. The pigment in the hair absorbs the light energy, breaking it down and damaging the follicle so that its ability to grow more hair is hindered. With repeated treatments, you can visit a significant decrease in hair regrowth, plus some follicles may not produce another hair for a long time!

When must i start having laser treatment?
Laser hair reduction only works on hairs that are actively growing, which means a treatment journey is necessary rather than one quick-fix solution. Hair growth occurs in cycles, so not absolutely all of the hairs in your treatment area will be treatable with the laser at the same time. Repeated treatments are had a need to reach your maximum results, making autumn time for you to start your treatment journey. You will probably need around 6 treatments to see true growth reduction, so beginning your treatments now paves just how for a significantly stress-free summer that is relatively free from traditional hair removal. Because you’re covered up more in autumn and winter, you can still shave your treatment areas if you want to while receiving treatment. Actually, shaving is encouraged a couple of days before your treatments because this ensures the hairs will maintain their growing stage and for that reason treatable. You can still temporarily remove hair while being treated for more long lasting hair reduction!

What are the advantages of laser hair reduction?
Laser hair removal comes with benefits, and permanent hair reduction is merely the beginning of them. Firstly, they minimise the chances of developing ingrown hairs that methods like shaving and hair removal cream can produce. They are painful, unsightly, and uncomfortable to extract to state minimal, but because IPL hair reduction works to damage the follicle there are less likelihood of ingrown hairs developing. Also, those who regularly shave their legs or under-arms will be all too acquainted with the prickly in-between growth that is itchy and noticeable. Repetitive shaving means either waiting weekly for the hair is long enough to shave again or carrying it out prematurely to keep your outcomes yet cutting and irritating the skin. Thus, shaving rash. If these problems plagued you throughout your summer and limited your confidence or wardrobe, then beginning laser hair reduction this autumn will be extremely freeing for next summer.

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