Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental


From a Swiss chalet to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, accommodations can help you save money while offering all the comforts of an home abroad. But how will you know you’re obtaining a good deal? And with an increase of people than ever before deciding on rental properties over hotels, how will you snag that hidden gem? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Here are our ten best tips when looking to book a Grand Pines Resort Orlando rental:
Know that often the best places are from the beaten path, and you should spend some time calculating your driving distance to your desired destinations. Accommodations can be somewhat taken care of of main attractions and more rural (which we’ve learned to love.) Be sure you check google maps and even Earth to see the surrounding areas.

Measure the kitchen. This is well known reason to rent vacation homes. It’s the best idea for saving money on holiday through at home breakfast, packing picnics, starting out to your holidays at a relaxed pace. It’s in your kitchen where you’ll really set the tone of “wherever you are together is home.” Enjoy your favorite wine bottles with a meal and not break the budget.

Review the owners. You’ll wish to know who you’re renting from. That is as important as looking at other guest reviews. Go through the owner’s recommendations. I also want to ensure they’re collecting taxes and doing things the proper way, with integrity.

Check the other guest reviews, and the comments from owners on the reviews. You’ll gain some real insight about the region and the place you’ll be renting, and make sure it’s befitting your family.

Check the amenities. What’s the location, the type of coffee will you need? Will there be a blender if you make smoothies? Could it be kid friendly (especially important if there is a baby in the mix) and any thing else you may want to help make the place feel just like home.

What exactly are the laundry facilities like? Having ways to do laundry when you travel, especially with family, makes packing light, even for a trip to Europe, a reality.

Any kind of family board games at the property? Might be a simple thing, but board games = memories made, and less time linked to devices.
Check into the cleaning fees, check in and out times, and make sure you know what’s included- do they leave you toilet paper and paper towels, or do you will need your own?What deposits have to be manufactured in advance? You’ll usually need to leave at least 50% upfront, sometimes even more, to secure your rental. Look for any hidden fees and be sure to know any extras in advance so you’ll prepare yourself.

Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price, particularly if you’re booking last second. We’ve had the opportunity to both get and give great deals on holiday rentals as last second travelers.

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