How to Throw a Truly Enchanting Fairy-Themed Party


We do have confidence in fairies! And we can’t think of anything more magical when compared to a beautiful fairy party out in the woods!

Perfect for a birthday party, tea party or perhaps a picnic, we’ve used our Truly Fairy party supplies to throw a enchanting fairy-themed party. Continue reading for our magical assortment of fairy party ideas!

Planning & invitations
Select a magical setting
The first rung on the ladder of planning for a fairy-themed party is to get the perfect setting! It creates an excellent outdoor party theme so if you’re throwing your fairy party in the spring or summer, we’d recommend buying a beautiful outdoor location. Think about a local woodland, park or even your yard? The leafier, the better!

Send your invitations
Next send your invitations – around six weeks beforehand when you can. These fairy-themed invitations would be perfect!

fairy parties for kids
Once you’ve chosen your setting and sent your invitations, it’s time and energy to plan the facts of your fairy party! If you’re fortunate to have the ability to throw your party outside, try to choose somewhere where it’s possible to hang decorations from trees. It’ll create a lovely all-encompassing party setting!

Fairy Party Decorations

We truly love this stunning butterfly bunting – it’d look lovely hung from tree to tree above your party table!

Butterfly Bunting

The main element to an effective themed party is the tiny details – which fairy door decorating set is the perfect way to create the scene as though real fairies really lived there!

Fairy Party Invitations

Fairy party food ideas
Next up is party food! We served ours on our beautiful Truly Fairy tableware and kept it simple with traditional finger food and cupcakes. But if you’d prefer to add a few special touches to your buffet, here are some enchanting treats to serve at your fairy party:

Butterfly-shaped sandwiches (cut out applying this butterfly cookie cutter)
Macarons (in soft, pastel colours to match your decorations)
Chocolate strawberries (dipped in white chocolate to make sure they are look extra cute!)
Butterfly cakes (filled with jam and buttercream)
Fairy-themed party games
Lastly, pick a handful of fairy party games to try out on your day of your party! It’s always smart to have a couple of games and activities up your sleeve to keep everyone entertained. Listed below are our favourite games for a fairy-themed party.

Fairy dress-up
Give each guest a couple of fairy wings and a wand on arrival (or keep these things come to the party in a fairy costume!)

Musical toadstools
Prior to the party, buy a a major red paper tablecloth and cut it into circles and paint white spots onto each circle. Then use these to put a fairy-themed twist on musical chairs – each time the music stops, whoever isn’t sat over a toadstool is out! Take one toadstool away each and every time and play until there’s only 1 person left.

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