Benefits of Foster Care Agencies


Horizon Fostering Service is established to foster care as well as providing parent therapist services to provide teenagers and children with a regular and structured family environment. Children will be healthy and safe and learn to avoid risk-taking behavior. And in addition provided all resources & encounters because of their emotional health, prepared to become successful in their academic & vocational life plus much more.

Why Fostering as a profession
Firstly, this is a rewarding career – it needs someone special to defend myself against a child or young person (or perhaps a few simultaneously), sometimes with physical or behavioral issues – and care for all their needs.
Succeeding at that task is a very satisfying feeling, even though it feels like improvement is slow. If you’re a parent of teenagers you have the opportunity once again to pass on your wisdom and experience and transform the life span of a kid in need.
It’s estimated that there are 60,000 children and young people in the care of Local Authorities at anybody time in the UK. The total quantity of children and teenagers who aren’t being taken care of by their original parents is approx 300,000, which is increasing every year. About 65% are in foster homes, the others you live with foster families, other relatives or friends

The original ‘Skills to Foster’ course and dedicated local support
During our assessment to become foster carer, you’ll be necessary to attend some required training to equip you in your exciting new role. At Fostering Solutions we offer a 3 day ‘Skills to Foster’ course that is run by our dedicated trainers.

We’ve an in-house team of trainers positioned across various central locations across the UK that run our courses to be able to provide our foster carers the most effective preparation. Working out covers several key areas; safeguarding, what’s the role of a foster carer: allegations, and taking care of behaviours along with a lot more base skills for fostering.

Alongside expert training and advice to equip you with the data you’ll need before dealing with your first foster position, you’ll also get to talk with one in our current foster carers. They’ll promote their fostering encounters with you and present you the chance to ask any questions that you will find from a person who has already been doing the role every day of the week!

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A senior member of we will also enter into discuss more about your local fostering agency, that will give you a much better feel of the agency and the wider National Fostering Group that you’d be joining. We make an effort to give our training that extra personal touch and pride ourselves on learning our carers immediately of the assessment.

We have lately released a ‘post panel meet up’ lunch, gives our carers the possibility to catch up with fellow carers who had been on the ’Skills to Foster’ training with them. That is a good chance to build up your carer support network even before you officially fostering a child or young person.

What training do you offer once approved?
Much like most agencies and local authorities, you can find mandatory training that you’ll need to complete in the first year after your approval to be always a foster carer with one of your agencies; safeguarding, record keeping and equality and diversity.

We also give a very extensive set of classroom and online training that all in our foster carers can access. Our training dates are all booked per annum in advance, so carers have the possibility to book dates into their diaries. We appreciate that as foster carers you are extremely busy with the day-to-day responsibilities of the role which is importance to have the ability to manage your time effectively.

Further training modules that can help you increase the lives of these in your care include; an introduction to counselling, fostering children with disabilities, attachment and bonding, therapeutic needs of taken care of children, the utilization of play in Fostering Agencies in London, internet safety plus much more!

Additional training to upskill our foster carers
Alongside our yearly calendar of assorted training courses, you can expect specialist training to permit our carers to adapt and also offer the absolute best placements for some of the very most vulnerable children that may require your care:

Parent and Child: this prepares our carers to offer placements for parents to be looked-after alongside their child.

Bridge to Foster: this permits carers to support children shifting from a residential home setting into a fostering household.

Carers Academy: in-depth training how to support children through therapeutic methods.

Fostering Changes: a 12-week course run with a supervising social worker in upskilling our carers to defend myself against more diverse and challenging placements.

Where can I access training?
At Fostering Alternatives Oundle, we’ve four training venues that people use across our localities. This means that carers can access local training and never have to travel too far.

Carers can make where you can access their training with all our training, you can expect lunch and refreshments, which is actually much appreciated by our carers!).

Alongside our face-to-face training, we have online training for all carers to gain access to; we appreciate which it isn’t always possible to attend training but with the option of online this means our carers still have the chance to build up upon the skills and knowledge to best meet the needs of the kids in placements.

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