Hiring the Right Staffing Agency


The decision to hire a staffing agency is usually a fairly easy one. Saving money and time on your recruiting and staffing needs is not really a hard decision to make.

However when it involves choosing the right agency, your choice might be considered a little tougher. What things should you look for within an agency? What warning flag in the event you avoid?

Choosing a company isn’t a precise science, nevertheless, you want to be confident that the one you choose is a good staffing agency Columbia SC to meet up with the needs of your enterprise. Here are some facts to consider:

Inside Information
General staffing agencies can staff for just about any business or industry out there. They are able to find prospects with some, usually limited, experience in the any given field and can usually get individuals in an average amount of time.

However when you will work with a staffing agency, you expect to pick from the best candidates for the positioning and you also want the job filled quickly. Agencies that focus on select industries will give you the best shot at top talent.

Here’s why – these niche agencies know your industry. They participate in the trade groups, they network in the region, they speak the language. They are able to quickly identify even passive applicants for roles within the industry.

Having that inside information saves amount of time in filling the position and also guarantees that the candidate will have the right skills, experience and knowledge.

There’s nothing worse than forming a great relationship with a small business or a vendor representative, and then realize that the rep has shifted to bigger and better things.

Your relationship with your recruiter can be an important one. Building the partnership will ensure that the agency understands the needs you have as well as your business.

No enterprise can avoid turnover and occasionally turnover is good. But before you enter into a relationship with a staffing agency, you’ll want to ask some questions about their own internal turnover.

If you discover that the turnover rate is high, at or above about 15%, you might like to consider another agency.

Client Satisfaction
You wouldn’t hire a company that is well known because of its poor customer support, would you? The same applies for finding a staffing agency.

Find out if the agency participates in client satisfaction surveys and compare the leads to their competitors.

If indeed they don’t participate, that should tell you something. You can always require reference but keep in mind these are clients hand-picked by the agency. Needless to say they will select the ones that like them.

Employee Satisfaction
You can tell a lot in regards to a company based on the attitudes and insights of its employees. Employee engagement and commitment is the cornerstone of a successful business.

It might be difficult to gauge how committed agency “employees” are since they don’t work directly for the agency. But that’s where employee satisfaction and engagement surveys come in.

Ask the staffing agency because of their latest employee satisfaction surveys to understand the way the agency manages their workers and their employees respond.

Learn Something New
Dealing with a staffing company means that you have expert recruiters and staffers close at hand. And they should be that, experts.

Your recruiter can tell you about the trends in hiring in your industry. They must be able to give you insight into what kinds of prospects you should expect to hire. They should be providing you useful information about compensation in your industry.

You should be prepared to learn something new from the agency, even in the first part of process before you hire the firm.

The Expectations
You will want good relationship with your staffing agency. That means that you possess some of the responsibility in rendering it a good relationship.

Find right out of the agency what their expectations of you are through the recruitment and staffing process. Will they be prepared to consult with you daily or weekly? How much time and information will they have to get started?

Dealing with a staffing agency should be about creating a great relationship so that your positions are filled quickly and easily. Take time to research your options on the agency, ask questions, and make sure that you’re hiring the best agency for

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