Why Cake Box Singapore Packaging Is Valuable


While cake box Singapore packaging may be plain and uninteresting compared to the tasty treats they hold inside, they are far from worthless. Cake boxes and other pastry shop boxes:

Can work as gift boxes

With the addition of a colourful bow, ornamental ribbons, and a cheery gift card, your cake promptly turns into an unique gift inside its gift box!

Can help with advertising and marketing – Cake boxes can aid advertise your brand name by sporting your logo, or a bright colour or distinctive layout consistent with your brand.

Window patisserie box

A window patisserie box is a box with a lucid plastic ‘window’ atop the lid where one can clearly see what is inside the box. These boxes are best for cakes that have an unique message or design on the top that you want to feature. They provide individuals a mouthwatering sneak peek of the sweet treat they are about to consume. They offer wonderful visibility, presentation and aesthetic influence. And due to the fact that they are available in all sizes and shapes, they can likewise be utilized for cookies, cupcakes, muffins, tarts, brownies and other pastries.

So you see, the cardboard cake box can do a lot more, and there are a number of different kinds that you can select from!

Types of material

Packaging products are necessary elements of the food supply chain. They are available for essentially any type of product and application, including:

  • Completed items
  • Resources
  • Ingredients
  • Specialized components

Virgin Paper Board is among the best selections for the cake boxes as the Paper is considerably food grade, and the paper sturdiness will be very good depending on the paper quality.

The duplex Paper board are excellent in durability and are extensively used to make mono cartons, which acts as the primary product packaging for the product to be loaded inside, however the duplex paper might not be food quality. I ‘d suggest reviewing this with the maker originally.

SBS Paper is extensively these days to make boxes yet is not food grade. It means they’ll need to be laminated from within to make the box food grade. The custom cake box design prink looks very good over the SBS board.

How Does it Work?

There are three kinds of packaging materials: main, additional and tertiary packaging.

Primary product packaging: products in direct contact with the item (e.g. plastic bags).

Secondary packaging: contains primary product packaging (e.g corrugated boxes, paperboard).

Tertiary product packaging: houses secondary product packaging (e.g shipping containers, baskets, pallets).

Fully-enclosed cardboard cake box

This is most likely the most common sort of cake box. These boxes can be constructed from brown cardboard or white milk board, commonly with a shiny external finish and a matte interior finish. Some can have separate lids while others have a flip lid that is attached to the remainder of the box. They come in a selection of sizes to match practically any size and shape of cake, and can also be utilized for pies and cookie cakes.

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