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During the average growing season, hedges need to be trimmed over a weekly basis to keep them in shape. Otherwise, the growth will be directed outwards, leaving the center of the hedges hallow. This not only makes them look unsightly, but it can introduce diseases from the strain it puts on the plants.

Many homeowners dread trimming their hedges since it often takes so many hours regarding a set of clippers. And who would like to have to drag a power version plus a cord that is several hundred feet long all around the property merely to reach all of them? Luckily, there’s a way to these problems. All you have to is a cordless hedge trimmer.
What Are advantages of Cordless Hedge Trimmers?
Cordless hedge trimmers are powered by a rechargeable battery, and that means you don’t have to keep them plugged in the whole time you will work. That is advantageous because you can take those to any part of your lawn without fretting about finding a power outlet.

Additionally it is safer because it reduces the chance of shock from the cords getting accidentally cut by the trimmer or the branches falling down.

Not having to worry about a cord also really helps to have the ability to maneuver the trimmer into turns and tight spaces where other styles couldn’t normally reach. So topiaries and ornate hedge designs are simpler to do.

Features to consider in a Cordless Hedge Trimmer
A high-quality cordless hedge trimmer can be an important piece of equipment that can last for many years if it’s treated right. But it’s just going to wrap up sitting in the corner of the garage if it doesn’t have the next features that are needed to accomplish regular hedge-trimming tasks:

Adequate Blade Length
Cordless hedge trimmers come with several different blade lengths. Some even have adjustable blades that may be lengthened and shortened to suit a homeowner’s needs. Many of them are sold with one main blade that can’t be changed. Professional grade trimmers have longer blades than those sold for home use. Therefore sometimes, it’s beneficial for a homeowner who has a lot of hedges to buy one.

Long-Lasting Battery
The smaller the amount of voltage on the battery for a cordless hedge trimmer, the shorter the quantity of time that it will last. Which is likely to be very frustrating because you will need to keep stopping in the center of the trimming because you ran out of power. So choose one that is at the least 19 volts. Like that, it will offer you at least an hour useful before you have to charge it again.

Lightweight Design
It’s important to keep in mind when you’re buying a cordless hedge trimmer that you will be going to own to transport it around for an extended period of energy. If it’s overweight, then it will conclude hurting your back, arms and hands after a while. Picking a lightweight version that is about 10 pounds can make holding the tool easier.
Helpful Tips for Using Hedge Trimmers
If you follow the above mentioned suggestions on deciding on the best cordless hedge trimmer, then deploying it to get your hedges in condition is a breeze. Still, it can help to truly have a few tips on the problem.

So to begin with, it’s best to think things through before you ever make a cut. Draw out your present hedge pattern on a piece of paper. Then, go outside and take some measurements. Check the height, width and depth of each hedge. If several hedges are growing together in a cluster, then measure them all together.

Write all of the information down before forming an idea on what you would like the dimensions to be. Be sure to think about what your goals for just about any small, undeveloped hedges are if you’re likely to train those to grow into a particular shape.

Once you’ve decided how much that you’ll require to trim from the hedges, you can get started cutting. But bring the paper and tape measure outside along. Taking frequent measurements will make sure each hedge gets the proper dimensions. Many homeowners don’t find out about this process, so they wrap up with a couple of irregularly shaped hedges that look bad from a distance.
Having viewed a few guides, that one from Which is a superb help if you’re trying to decide which one to get.

#1 Freedom to go Around
One of the key benefits you will be in a position to get from utilizing a battery powered hedge trimmer is the actual fact that it’s cordless. Given its cordless nature, it gives you the freedom to move around as needed.

One of the primary hindrances that you may have to deal with when it comes to by using a hedge trimmer is needing to work around a wire. If you’ve ever had your cord snag or even ended up cutting or damaging the cord at all, you are likely well aware of how much of a problem it can present.
#2 Lighter Weight
Another major benefit that is included with by using a cordless option such as this would have to be the fact that it includes superior portability that you wouldn’t be capable of geting with other options.

Cordless models are much lighter than their petrol counterparts because they have a lightweight battery rather than much motor and fuel.

The cordless trimmers that are battery powered are usually much lighter because of this with their battery design. Because they don’t have heavy engines that require fuel for operation, it makes them much much easier to carry around and much more portable as a result.

Additionally, it is going to be a a lot more balanced product because the look permits it to truly have a a lot more evenly distributed, ergonomic design.
3. Longer Lasting
Another benefit you will be able to get when you decide to acquire and use a battery operated hedge trimmer is the capability to be able to acquire additional batteries and swap them out as needed.

This alone makes it worth investing in a cordless and battery powered hedge trimmer because you’ll be able to get plenty of operating time out of it.
4. Better Reach
Which has a cordless trimmer, you will wrap up obtaining a product which has a much greater reach than the one which has a cord attached. This is primarily due to the insufficient a cord.

You will be able to go places that might be otherwise very dangerous or hard to access simply because you won’t be dealing with a cord mounted on the trimmer. This alone helps it be worth getting for the ones that may have a lot of areas that are hard to reach with a corded trimmer.

Overall, there are many benefits that you can get from investing in a cordless and battery powered hedge trimmer. Among our favourites is the GTech HT20 which we reviewed and updated recently.

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