Reasons Why You Should Choose EPDM Roofing System


Are you likely to create a brick-and-mortar store? If so, you need to know a roof is one of your most effective investments. With regards to the precise roofing type, flat roofs are a choice.

Don’t install a flat roof at this time. In this specific article, you’re going to learn a specific kind of flat roof that ensures plenty of benefits for your business: The EPDM roofing system.


What Is EPDM Roofing and just why IF YOU UNDERTAKE This?

An EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) roofing system is often referred to as rubber roofing. While there are numerous roofing manufacturers that offer their particular EPDM roofing.

Below are why you should choose an EPDM Roofers in Essex system:

Quick and simple installation process
EPDM roofing systems are seamless. Since they come without trouble, roofing contractors reach avoid field seaming. This alone reduces enough time and effort it requires for your roofing contractor to set up this roofing material.

Another reason EPDM installation is fast and easy is that it generally does not require any flame. Rather than using heat, your roofing contractor must use a cold-applied adhesive.

Not only does this make the installation fast, it also ensures that the procedure is 100% safe and odor-free. Cold-applied roofing adhesive is a recently available trend and is also widely accepted because of its benefits.

Very flexible and lightweight
Foot traffic is an enormous problem that triggers harm to commercial roofs. In order to prevent damage, what commercial building owners do is that they limit foot traffic on the roofs to the very least.

They only allow specific personnel to go up their roofs. And during extreme climate, these folks take extra care to avoid triggering roof punctures. An EPDM roofing system by Marks Commercial Roofing is flexible and lightweight.

Flexibility is a feature which allows this roofing material to be installed even in winter. Which means that you is capable of doing a EPDM installation throughout the year. Also, because of its flexibility, this roofing system can withstand excessive building movements.

Being lightweight at exactly the same time, EPDM roofing places no stress on your commercial building.

Resists punctures and leaks
If you’re likely to install a garden over your flat roof, consider getting an EPDM roof. They’re highly durable, particularly if you select a thicker EPDM.

This resistance against tears and punctures even increases if you like to install a TTR (Tri-Thermal Roofing) system, a more robust roofing that combines EPDM and spray-applied reboundable foam. With the added spray polyurethane foam roofing, all probability of leaks will be eliminated.

A EPDM roofing system is a trusted barrier against water and moisture. Understand that when water enters your building, other problems occur such as mold, pest infestation, and equipment damage.

Looks aesthetically pleasing
Did we mention that EPDM material looks excellent for your commercial roof? With this roofing system’s clean and smooth surface, it’s hard never to admire it. Now, your roof will look even all throughout and incredibly professional.

Your EPDM roof can look more beautiful with your rooftop garden or solar power panels set up. Another aspect to notice is that this type of roofing system will not easily showcase dirt and prevents the growth of moss that may harbor moisture.

Helps you lessen your cooling and heating costs
Because this roofing system resists UV radiation, it can help you reap the benefits of massive energy savings. Hot, southern climates were able to lessen their utilization of air-con systems.

During warmer and cooler months, you do not have to worry about frequently turning on your cooling and heating systems for your employees to work comfortably. After you spend money on an EPDM roofing system, you can consider it as a long-term investment for your business.

In the event that you install EPDM along with a spray reboundable foam roof, you can like a much cooler environment.

An environmentally-friendly choice
If you’d like your small business to help contribute to a greener environment, consider a EPDM installation. Yes, you’ll have the ability to use a rooftop garden (living roof) to help expand decrease the temperature and increase the quality of air inside your building. The fact that EPDM can be coupled with another “green roof” reduces carbon emissions.

Did you know EPDM roofs last up to 50 years with reduced maintenance? By the time this roof reaches its life expectancy, it can be recycled.

Ensure Quality EPDM Installation by Hiring a Trained Roofing Contractor

Marks Commercial Roofing is a qualified roofing contractor. As trained and experienced installers, we can promise you a longer-lasting EPDM roof that enables you to benefit from the benefits we just mentioned above.

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