Addressing Water Damages In Your Property


Leaking pipes are among the most substantial problems residential or commercial property owners require to action quickly, yet in spite of acting quickly, the results of leaking pipes can last well beyond the moment they were dripping.

So, imagine what occurs if they are neglected or not known about for a very long time. In these instances leaking pipes can trigger significant structural damages to the building, transforming the scope from easy plumbing repair work to major construction problems.

Identifying what triggers pipes to leak is the first step you require to take if you wish to cease the water damages from growing. Only then can you engaged a waterproofing focused painting services Singapore company to apply a fresh coat of waterproof material to your surfaces. That stated, the search for the source does not come easy, yet there are some typical origins that you might want to bear in mind of.

Poor Setup

Regardless if your waterlines are made from the highest quality materials, unless it’s set up by a highly knowledgeable plumbing company like FIXME Plumbing, you can’t anticipate too much from it. Soon you’ll see water flying from one of the connectors or your water meter shooting wildly even if everything is shut. This is why it is important that you employ a certified plumbing to manage all of your pipes installations. Besides, a pipes system would still fail even if just a portion of it is substandard.


Pipelines can last in between 20 and 100 years depending upon the material they are made from. Cast iron and PVC pipes last the longest but they are generally used for water drainage systems. Brass, copper and galvanized steel pipes are frequently the ones planned for supply objectives. These practical life-spans, nevertheless, are simply rough estimates. There are tons of elements that can impact them, so you need to be attentive. If you are intending to get a house, ensure to ask the age of each structure you go to. You need to know for how long the pipes system can last, specifically if you wish to avoid the huge price of overall pipes restoration.

Where pipes most likely leak


With the very same objective as a coupling, except it is a temporary fitting, which means it can be conveniently removed when necessary.


Can be found in three types: throttling, non-return and isolation– this installation allows you to change the flow of water.


Like cross and tee, this connection connects three pipes and permits an adjustment in the elevation of a couple of the pipes.

Although not every one of these fittings and connectors might be incorporated in your house piping system, it is very important to know them and their features so that you can conveniently decide which one to set up in case you need to upgrade the piping system’s framework or take care of a dripping pipe.

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