How to Buy Discount SeaWorld San Diego Tickets


Do you think a vacation to Central Florida is out of your budget? In case so, reconsider! OrlandoFunTickets. com can assist help to make your next family trip an affordable a single with discounted concept park tickets, which includes SeaWorld tickets! Regardless of whether you want to be able to experience just SeaWorld itself or one (or all) regarding its sister parks (Discovery Cove, Dschungel Gardens Tampa or perhaps Aquatica), we now have numerous options to choose from, letting you end up being able to modify your vacation to fit your family’s needs!

Before using a look from your ticket choices, let’s get yourself a speedy snapshot of each and every park:

SeaWorld – SeaWorld Orlando gives a look at sea beings and land-based animals surviving in their normal habitats, and includes that experience together with rides, shows plus other attractions suited to the complete family.
Aquatica – Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark, houses several of the planets most thrilling normal water rides and offers 84, 000 square feet of normal water fun, ranging through a lot more than 40 35mm slides to wave pools, lazy and race rivers, sandy seashores and animal exhibits and habitats of which SeaWorld is recognized for.
Since we all really know what each park is about, here are your ticket choices:

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Combo Tickets: There are usually two styles of combination tickets for SeaWorld as well as its sister recreation area in Tampa, Busch Gardens. You may purchase one solution that allows a single day in each park, or even a size of stay combination ticket. This solution allows unlimited visits to both recreational areas up to 14 days through the time of its preliminary use.

Below are the latest SeaWorld ticket prices 2022.


Tickets & Fun Cards


Children under 3 enter free
Ticket Only (Per Person) (Single-Day) $113.99
Ticket + All-Day Dining (Per Person) (Single-Day) $153.90


Children under 3 enter free
Ticket Only (Per Person) (2 Parks) $170.99
Ticket + All-Day Dining (Per Person) (2 Parks) $250.99
Ticket Only (Per Person) (3 Parks) $182.88
Ticket + All-Day Dining (Per Person) (3 Parks) $302.96
Unlimited Visits (Per Person) (4 Parks) $232.99

2022 Fun Cards

Unlimited visits for the rest of 2021 and all of 2022
SeaWorld Orlando (Per Person) $123.99
SeaWorld + Aquatica (Per Person) $172.98

Annual Passes

Bronze Passes

Bronze Pass (Per Person) (1 Park) $144.00
Bronze Pass (Per Person) (2 Parks) $189.00
Bronze Pass (Per Person) (4 Parks) $234.00

Silver Passes

Silver Pass (Per Person) (1 Park) $192.00
Silver Pass (Per Person) (2 Parks) $237.00
Silver Pass (Per Person) (4 Parks) $282.00

Gold Passes

Gold Pass (Per Person) (1 Park) $228.00
Gold Pass (Per Person) (2 Parks) $273.00
Gold Pass (Per Person) (4 Parks) $318.00

Platinum Passes

Platinum Pass (Per Person) (11 Parks) $372.00

Top SeaWorld Orlando Tips
It’s no enjoyable browsing a long line in the ticketed window once you arrive at the recreation area. Save time plus money when you purchase your tickets ahead of time! (We can save you some green whenever you buy tickets through us. ) Children under three years old do not necessarily require a ticketed for entry.

It could be warm outside, but inside of, some animal exhibits and aquariums can get pretty cold. Blasts of cool air maintain the underwater environment for the comfort regarding the animals. Regarding the animal exhibits at Wild Cold or Antarctica: Disposition from the Penguins, typically the park helps re-create an all natural environment regarding your encounters along with these cold-weather beings.

Spending your day with sea lifestyle in their watering world, you’re bound to get yourself a tiny wet … or even even soaked! SeaWorld also offers two fun water tours which you might not exactly need to lose out on, or you may want to sit within the splash sector at the exhibits. Either bring along some rain equipment or wear quick-dry clothes — especially for the youngsters. A small, fast-drying towel or camping towel in your own pack can keep an individual from attempting to be able to dry off together with paper-towels or the particular hand dryer. The Florida sun allows too!

Talking about getting wet, regardless of being “the Sunshine State, ” climate changes quickly within Florida. You never really know very well what to be able to expect until youre standing in the center of a thunderstorm or melting in the particular humidity. Checking the particular forecast each day and preparing accordingly is usually your best defense against Florida’s outrageous weather locating a damper on your time. When it is usually raining, know that right now there are plenty of inside exhibits, such since Turtle Trek, to take advantage regarding! The summertime thunderstorms generally don’t last really long anyway.

Unlike almost all of the other theme parks, SeaWorld Orlando includes winding and intersecting pathways instead of the particular hub and group setup. Pick up a park chart to help understand with ease. Don’t forget to recycling it continuing your journey out there, unless you’re keeping it as the souvenir! Both typically the official SeaWorld software and the Undercover Visitor Orlando Planning iphone app can help guide an individual, as well.

If Manta in addition to Mako are in the top of your respective list, ride these people first! Ride hold out times peak before at SeaWorld considering that so many men and women spend their afternoons watching the exhibits, but you’ll still see lower holds back in the mornings plus evenings. (You’ll want to ride Mako in the day and at night time to get a toadally different vibe! ) Furthermore, a lot of SeaWorld’s backyard shows and points of interest close due in order to weather (rainstorms, super, high winds, and so on. ) and zero guarantee that typically the storm will move before the recreation area closes. Prioritizing your own must-do attractions means you’re less most likely to run out of time and try to squeeze them within before the rainwater or the ending during. Note: Florida’s wet season will go through summer in addition to into fall with frequent thunderstorms in addition to showers within the afternoons.

When everyone in typically the family wants to be able to go on numerous rides that demand one to store your own belongings in a new locker, rent a new multi-use ride locker room. A single-use locker room costs $2 for two hours in a location, while typically the multi-use locker expenses $8. But together with the multi-use locker, you can hop from ride in order to ride all day time (although it cannot stay at a single location for a lot more than two hours, or there will certainly be yet another fee). You will want to develop a seven-digit code the locker room stations will keep in mind you by any time you move locations, as well as a four-digit computer code to open a locker. Jot the two of these rules down because it’s so simple to froget! Lockers are also a great spot to stash rain gear or perhaps store wet outfits.

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