Benefits to Waterproofing Your Commercial Roof


If you’re thinking why flat rooftop waterproofing might be considered a good solution for your business, we’ve the answers you’re looking for. Even the tiniest drip in your roof covering can let normal water into the building and cause serious destruction. Waterproofing your rooftop is simpler when compared to a complete roof replacing while still offering lots of the same benefits. At exactly the same time, it offers a longer-term solution when compared to a quick-fix repair. If you’re striving to choose between a one-time repair, a waterproof roof covering coating, or a full roof alternative, here are six advantages to waterproofing with Waterproof Lab to help you with the decision-making process:

1. Longevity
Waterproofing reduces the chance of critical destruction. Which has a waterproof membrane guarding your roof top, you’ll have yet another layer of cover from wear, decay, and leaks induced by rainwater, snow, snow, and wind. At exactly the same time, a waterproof membrane reflects sunshine, lowering the impact of extreme high temperature and light on your roof covering. Our waterproofing alternatives can go on up to a decade, substantially stretching the duration of your existing roof covering.

2. Cost savings
Beyond reducing deterioration, a waterproof membrane for your roof covering saves your money in the short-term since it is significantly cheaper when compared to a complete roof structure overhaul. You’ll also spend less because roof fixes won’t be needed as much, and maintenance costs will be lower. By stretching the life span of your existing roof top, you’ll also experience significant cost-savings over time.

3. Energy efficiency
Because waterproof membranes mirror heat and sun rays, you’ll save well on HVAC costs in the summertime by retaining steadier building temperature ranges. Some waterproofing alternatives may even meet the criteria you for added rebate and warrantee programs. A one-time repair or complete roof top alternative won’t have practically as a lot of a direct effect on your building’s energy efficiency as waterproofing will.

4. Lower humidity
A waterproof roof covering seals your building from normal water leakage. Waterproofing reduces the humidness levels in your building while also stopping the progress of mildew. You, your employees, as well as your clients will all become more comfortable, and you’ll be secured from much more serious structural issues in the foreseeable future.

5. Low maintenance
A waterproof coating is a lot better to maintain and repair than your existing roof structure system. When maintenance and auto repairs are essential, they are usually much quicker to execute than on a typical roof alone. Nearly all repairs only will need to be designed to the waterproof finish as opposed to the roof itself.

6. Easy installation
We are able to waterproof your roofing in in regards to a third of that time period it takes to displace a roof structure. Because waterproofing is a squirt put on your roof top, it can enter those hard-to-reach areas that one-time roof covering vehicle repairs may miss. Our waterproofing alternatives are made to decrease any downtime or disruption to your day-to-day business businesses. Your employees can remain profitable and on-schedule.

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