Glass Staircases Benefits


Glass staircases have were able to gain massive popularity over the past couple decades. They put in a certain elegance and style to the architectural aesthetics of the living places along with adding today’s edge to homes. The glass staircases have slowly begun replacing the conventional wood and concrete staircases; with benefits that no one had ever thought was possible before.
Glass staircases are one of the elements in the house that can make the almost all of glass’s versatile qualities, adding both an elegant modern-day appearance to an inside as well as increasing light to make stairwells feel more spacious.

Canal Engineering’s selection of staircases were created with these benefits at heart. Frameless glass balustrades provide a seamless reference to minimal obstruction to enhance the view from all angles. Glass balustrades are ideal for internal and external environments. The benefits associated with glass balustrades is that is requires minimal maintenance, only the casual clean. Glass will not corrode so that it makes it the perfect material for staircases, balustrades and balconies. Glass balustrades feature a range of finishing options such a sandblasting. Through this system Canal can create patterns in virtually any condition of form to add a decorative touch to staircases, walkways and balconies.

Glass stair trends coupled with frameless glass balustrades offer a clean contemporary look to suit any domestic or commercial interior. The combination of the open riser staircase with glass steps enhances and maximises the light flow within the room. Glass treads may also be sandblasted to make a slip resistant surface.

Glass products have not simply been limited by monotonous and repetitive designs. While considering to go for a glass staircase, there can be an selection of different designs, styles, textures and materials to choose from, specific to the necessity of the home. Different styles and textures of glass include clear glass, frosted glass and sandblasted glass, which can truly add a unique look to your house according to the taste and preference of the owner.

Advantages of Glass Staircases
Glass staircases reflect a distinctive and affluent lifestyle which is gaining immense popularity in today’s world. A lot of people have started deciding on glass staircases in their homes rather than the monotonous concrete and wooden staircases. Let’s understand why glass staircases are gathering popularity in home décor:

1. Seamless: Glass staircases provide a more easy-on-eyes feel and don’t make the inside look gaudy. Instead, it offers homes a more spacious appeal.

2. Illuminating: Glass staircases have the ability to allow light go through them, unlike the traditional staircases. This makes the house look aesthetically appealing during daylight.

3. Hassle-free: Overtime wooden staircases can develop the situation of termites, which thankfully glass staircases don’t need to come across. The quality of glass will not deteriorate as time passes with use, as does the quality of wood and neither will be the glass staircases as expensive to keep as wooden staircases.

4. Moisture-friendly: One of the better features of glass staircases is they are not influenced by moisture in the air, hence they don’t get damp and neither do they rot as wooden staircases do. This implies the following the initial investment, the maintenance cost is low compared to the wooden staircases. Once installed, glass staircases end up being sturdy with an extended lifespan

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