What questions should a parent ask a day care provider?


What questions should a parent ask a day care provider? Parents are likely to have some of the same questions that they have when it comes to hiring a nanny or sitter. However, day care providers are just as likely to be different. There are many differences in the licensing requirements and reputation among parents, and not all of those differences may be appropriate or helpful. Here are some things to consider when asking what questions to ask a day care provider. Contact The Jupiter School for more details.

* Age: Of course, age is an important factor in whether a person is able to provide childcare or not. After all, children vary in terms of maturity, intelligence, and potential. However, a day care provider should not simply assume that children of the same age can all interact with each other well. Instead, the provider should carefully screen each potential hire to ensure that the children will develop a harmonious relationship and do not feel uncomfortable or wronged. Otherwise, there is a good chance that this person will not stick around long enough to make an impact on the children or to contribute to the development of the child’s personality.

* Socialization: Does the day care provider to participate in social activities? This will likely be the first question parents bring up with the sitter or nanny. If not, it is likely that parents will want to know if they have the opportunity to visit these activities or not. The sitter or nanny should be able to show parents where the children will be, what types of activities the children will participate in (such as plays or games), and what types of activities the children will not be able to participate in (such as kiddie activities or sleepovers). A sitter or nanny who does not socialize well will not be able to add much to the socialization skills of the children or to help with developing these skills.

* Intellectual and Academic Questions: As parents become more concerned with how their children are being educated, it is important for them to ask what questions should a parent ask a day care provider? It is critical to learn what the sitter or nanny knows and understand how those skills are utilized. This should include whether the children are taught primarily academics, or if they also learn other skills, such as art or sports. At the very least, parents must ask what type of educational options the day care has available for the children. Having a preschooler with a one-year old may look different than a two-year old, but both require some degree of intellectual stimulation.

* Behavioral and Orientation Questions: What questions should a parent ask a day care provider about behavior and/or adjustment? Some parents wonder how they can know if a child is appropriate for a sitter or nanny. They don’t want to have a child in a situation where they feel uncomfortable, so these questions may be important. Does the facility offer one on one time with the sitter or nanny? What are the steps that are taken if a problem occurs? Do the operators take the time to go over any behavior issues or concerns with the parents?

The best way to ensure the safety of your child and your belongings is to know what questions to ask a day care provider. If you’re not comfortable with some of the questions, you should not sign contracts or agreement. By following this advice, you’ll be able to rest assured that your child or family is receiving the best possible start in life. Additionally, if a problem arises, the operator will have your contact information so that you can speak with someone else regarding the issue.

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