Benefits of Choosing a Kyocera Printer


Budgeting is crucial when managing an office. Balance your payroll, office supplies and equipment. How can you optimize your budget while giving your employees the tools they need? You can lease a printer or copier to increase your company’s productivity and growth.

Printers and copier are essential tools for any office. It is crucial to effectively manage costs related to your print and copy requirements. You can lease a printer or copier for your office. Let’s examine why leasing a printer or copier is better than purchasing one.

You save money upfront

Lease a copier or printer and you won’t need to pay thousands of dollars upfront. Businesses don’t have to pay a down payment for most leases. Even if they do, it is usually minimal compared with paying the full cost upfront. You can use the money saved to improve customer service in other areas of your business. employee morale.

The money you save could be used to upgrade your phone system, increase your internet speed, or even invest in an answering service after-hours. improve your website design Get your employees ergonomic chairs.

Simple Budgeting with Manageable Payments

Many small and medium-sized businesses would benefit from a business class printer or copier, but it is not possible to budget for the expense. Smaller companies can lease equipment to get the latest technology at the best possible price.

Although companies have some flexibility in terms of lease terms, the average term is between 48 and 63 months. Organizations find these terms more manageable and that the periodic renewal cycle is more efficient and economical.

Clients may choose to lease instead of buy at times. capital expenditures. Certain government agencies, political parties, and schools are required to spend their budget within certain times for tax or expiration reasons.

Repairs and upgrades

Office equipment leasing is more affordable than buying it outright due to the rapid technological advances.

The first is that technology tends to go out of date within a few years. This means you would need to purchase a new copier every four to six year to keep up with the latest tech. While you can continue using an older printer, it will lead to higher maintenance costs as well as increased costs overall due to discontinued parts or decreased toner availability.

You’ll enjoy two benefits when you lease a printer or copier. Leases include a maintenance and support plan that will provide assistance whenever needed. You’ll have access to a team certified technicians throughout the lease term. Although you might have a warranty for a printer or copier, these warranties may not cover all of your needs.

Your lease offers a second benefit: it allows you to renew your lease every five years. This will allow you to upgrade your printer or copier with the latest technology at the lowest cost. Instead of paying thousands for a machine with a five year lifespan, you can spend less upfront and get a newer model as technology advances.

Tax Benefits

Leasing is a great way to reduce your tax bill. Leasing office equipment could result in you having to pay an additional tax (AMT).Alternative Minimum Tax Leasing your equipment will not allow you to do this. You can also lease your printer or any other equipment and write them off as business expenses at year end without worrying about how to calculate depreciation.

Fair Market Value Printer lease vs. 1 Buyout Lease

After you have learned the benefits of leasing, it is important to know the differences between these two options.

A Kyocera Printer lease is what most people associate with when they hear the words lease. The equipment is leased for a specified time period and the monthly rent is fixed. The lessee can choose from three options when the lease ends. They have three options when the lease ends. They can either return or upgrade the equipment. Or they can buy the equipment at the fair market value.

A $1 buyout lease or capital lease is similar to a Kyocera Printer but has a few differences. A $1 buyout lease will result in higher monthly payments because you’ll be able to buy the printer at $1 at the end.

Although a $1 buyout may sound like a good deal, there are some problems with this type of lease when you want to purchase a copier or printer.

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You can upgrade at a low cost

We mentioned earlier that one of the greatest benefits is the possibility to upgrade to new equipment. A $1 buyout lease won’t allow you to upgrade, and you may end up with an obsolete printer. If you want to remain competitive and have the best equipment for your business, you will need another lease. You’re basically spending more money on equipment you can’t upgrade. The old copier or printer goes to the recycling center and you’re left with the knowledge that you paid a higher monthly payment for a device that’s now obsolete.

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