Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair


An idea not yet generally heard about, paintless dent repair (PDR) has several surprising advantages to it. Nevertheless, providing a little background information may help you make the best decision about the ultimate way to repair your dings and dents that may exist on your vehicle.

PDR is an idea of training small indentations in a vehicle that might appear from situations such as hail damage. Residents of Denver, Dallas, Plano and other places known for hail-producing storms are quite acquainted with hail harm, which occur most frequently to vehicles and roofs.

Most people do not realize that hail harm often occurs from a wide array of small bits of hail hitting a car such as a dump pick up truck unloading a pile of pea gravel. Occasionally, there is move forward caution, but an starting point of hail can occur rapidly, such as while you are at the job, with your automobile parked within an outdoor whole lot, and the harm is done before you sprint to your automobile to go it under cover.

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The consequence of hail damage
Unfortunately, hail really can do a amount on your car or truck. PDR is quite the clever way for repairs such as this that not break the color surface of your vehicle. A specialist trained to do paintless dent repair approaches the work from the within surface of the destroyed areas. Gaining usage of areas including the inside panels of the entranceway is rather difficult to do, however, the tech has access to lifts and all the special tools necessary to gain gain access to quickly, without damaging your automobile further.

Once the specialist reaches the inner walls, they may have a range of special tools made to fit precisely in to the dented location. Using that tool, they delicately apply pressure while often concurrently applying equalizing pressure from the outside as well so the dent will, in place, be erased from the steel. Outside pressure is used to keep the tool from overcorrecting the dent and pressing it out too much, thus weakening the metallic structure. While it can be done to DIY paintless dent repair, it’s very much not recommended because of the cost it might incur to your automobile if you broken it further!

Now that you understand the idea of PDR, and which kind of damage it can help repair, here are some great things about paintless dent repair:

#1 Benefit of PDR: Cost-Effective Hail Repair
Paintless dent repair is a lot more cost-effective than regular dent repair with car paint. As well as the genuine service costs being lower than restoring with paint, it can also help preserve the price tag on your automobile by maintaining the initial coat of car paint.

#2 Benefit of PDR: Fast Service
PDR is a considerably faster process than colored dent repairs. Based on your vehicle’s destruction, it may take only a few hours to a few days to repair it to pre-storm condition versus a few weeks seated in a mechanic’s shop.

#3 Benefit of PDR: Environmentally-Friendly Methods
Paint is made up of highly harmful fumes, which cause lung damage to workers and produces toxins in to the environment. PDR includes no paint, so the footprint still left on the surroundings is minimal!

#4 Benefit of PDR: Life span Warranty for Completed Work
All of IntelliDent PDR’s customers receive a lifetime warranty sustained as long as you own your automobile. This allows anyone to feel safe and secure with for you to decide to work with us as your vehicle hail repair specialists.

#5 Good thing about PDR: Convenient Valet Service & Rental Car Assistance
In the event that you require rental car assistance, or valet service to home or work, Intellident PDR provides both, free of charge, if your insurance will not provide those services.

Storm season is fast approaching, and the benefits associated with paintless dent repair are obvious – if you need dent & ding repairs to your vehicle, contact us for many paintless dent repair services you might need.

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