How to Choose the Right Jewelry That Flatters Your Face Shape


Every woman is blessed with a distinctive group of features that set her apart from the crowd. From a sensational heart-shaped face and mesmerising eyes to statement cheekbones, no two faces are the same. Then why should most of us enjoy the same kind of jewellery? Choosing your face jewels according to your face condition accentuates your features and enhances your beauty. A diamond-shaped face complements jewellery in different ways in comparison to a heart-shaped face. Determine which jewellery styles and designs are best for various face shapes to bring out the dazzling diva in you.

Round Face:
While choosing earrings for round face shape, ensure you opt for dangling designs. Elongate a round face with long ornaments that induce an illusion of length. When you have a round face, look for long earrings that elongate that person. Earrings that float lower than your chin are ideal but don’t use wider chandeliers or round dangles, they’ll argue with your shape. Stick with a glance that is narrow.
Oval Face:
Women with oval faces should opt for the opposite of the jewellery recommended to round faced women. Earrings for oval face will balance your long face. Wide Chandeliers, as well as earrings that widen in the bottom, circles, curves and large studs, will be the best earrings for oval face. Furthermore, oval and teardrop styles look fabulous on oval faces.To shop only face jewels – click here:

General Guidelines
• The very first thing that you’ll require to keep in mind about jewelry is that it should be very comfy and convenient to carry.

• To be able to prevent tarnished looks, you will need to keep earrings from water. Perhaps think about applying a light coat of clear fingernail polish to your charms for improving its longevity.

• Always follow your body’s a reaction to the earrings you have on, since some people might have allergies for some types of jewelry.
Finding Your Skin Tone
First, to complement jewelry to your skin layer tone, you should know your skin layer tone. To carry out this, you need a clean face, so wash off all your makeup and apply your regular moisturizer. After waiting quarter-hour, look into the mirror. Having natural light is also useful. In order to discover the exact shade of your skin, you need to carry a bit of pure white paper to your face. If some pinkish accents appear on the paper, then you have cooler undertones, and when the shade you note on the paper is yellowish, your undertones are warm.

Match warm undertones with warmer colors like red, orange, coral, and gold. Match the cooler undertones with silver, blue, and green. Generally, there’s a close connection between your skin undertone, the shade of the eyes, and the hair color. Which means this should be taken into consideration when picking jewelry, as well.

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