How to Choose Your Wedding Dress


For some brides, the individual who designs their bridal dress is certainly not at the top of their priority list. For other brides-to-be, however, it’s important that their bridal dress originates from an exemplary designer with an incredible collection and a brilliant brand. We’ve seen our fair share of brides from both camps at Perfect Day Bride and we’d be delighted to share with you our tips how to find the right wedding dress designer for your big day.

You’re heading to want to be sure to don’t start falling in love with bridal dress designer that are completely out of your cost range. If you’re lusting after an Elie Saab wedding dress but just have an eBay budget, you are going to be bitterly disappointed. Have a cost range in mind and find out what designers fit within the bracket – you may be able to afford one designer’s bottom end of the collection and the most notable of another’s.

This is one that brides often think least about, but it’s always well worth thinking about what you would like the storyplot of your dress to be. Would you like the finest cutting skills of Western master craftsmen? Or do you not mind your dress approaching off a Chinese stock production line?

The point of bridalwear designers is to give a very specific aesthetic with their potential clients – hardly any of these are aiming to make each and every style of bridal dress to suit each and every bride. Do your homework about which designers’ style will fit with your ideal dress. In the event that you imagine dancing down the aisle in a 1920s-encouraged slip of your gown, there’s very little point considering designers who only offer structured, corseted, Princess dresses.

Some bridal designers have been with us the stop whilst others are relative newbies to the marriage game. Experience and innocence both have their pros and cons. It could be worth verifying forums and asking your boutique stylist about things such as a designer’s customer support, their attention to detail and capability to make modifications if you want customisations. Learn if they deliver promptly. Check that their reputation is as immaculate as your wedding dress should be.

You merely have to get a small number of wedding magazines to see who’s hot right now. Ignore those big glossy advertisements – they’re not the indicator you’re looking for as all they confirm is how big an advertising budget a brandname has – and flip straight to the real wedding features. If you see a certain style and designer showing up again and again, you’ll know they are the flavour of the month at this time. In the same way, if you plug in the name of your selected designer into the favourite wedding blog, you’ll observe how many weddings they’ve presented with brides putting on their gowns. For a few brides, they don’t want a favorite designer and fret about some of their peers choosing the same/similar bridal dress, whilst for others there’s a kudos and prestige to using the ‘it’ designer du jour.

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