How to get unsick or how to get over being sick fast


The immune system is a simple yet complex system that defends self from non-self and many people want to know how to get unsick or how get over being sick fast. The immune system looks for and feverishly defends any outside intruders from itself. Mold, Parasites, Bacterias, and even viruses are all eradicated easily and effortlessly with a healthy, fully functioning immune system. However, many of our immune systems are being bombarded with many items that are not typical pathogens. Heavy metals, chemicals, GMOs, and the lie are infiltrating our environment at a rapid rate. What once was considered a small dose has now become much larger doses of accumulative mycotoxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Toxicities from our water, our air, our clothes, even our food are continuing to accumulate in our system, wreaking havoc on many of our bodily functions.

The immune system is just one aspect of the body’s challenges as these mycotoxins are found in numerous items throughout our environment. It becomes a vicious cycle as the body’s immune system is inhibited from the various bombardment of toxic substances leaving the body defenseless and allowing other systems within itself to be vulnerable. Without proper testing it becomes almost impossible to know how to get over being sick fast or how to get unsick. Sinus cavities, reproductive organs, the nervous system, the hormonal system, even the skin are all a result of increased toxic loads within the body.

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Unfortunately, we have not been taught consistent organ health and hygiene; therefore, ridding our bodies of these toxins has not been shown, educated upon, or even supported by the traditional medical community. We understand that disease is nothing more than a break down with the system, where the body’s natural defenses are worn down and unable to fully function because they are inhibited by nutritional deficiencies, accumulated toxins, and poor organ health and hygiene.

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Many people become enthusiastic about detoxification practices and jump headfirst into the world of detoxification. Unfortunately, if the body is not strong enough, meaning the body does not have nutritional stability, the person may get sick. Contrary to popular belief having a healing crisis or experiencing flu-like symptoms while detoxing are signs that the body is working too hard and the body is not well enough too detox. This is counter intuitive as many people who feel sick believe hot to get unsick or how to get over being sick fast lies in detoxification. However, this is not a healthy approach if the body does not have enough energy for daily activities or the level of toxic load within the body is high and unrecognizable. Healthy detoxification should be done slowly, effortlessly, and methodically over time once the body’s energy has been established and stabilized.

Safe and gentle detoxification practices are recommended, such as drinking over half your body in ounces of water, taking Epsom salt baths, infrared dry sauna, as well as one of our many basic detoxification services. The purpose of our basic detoxification services is to support the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself rather than forcing the body to detoxify by using herbs or chelating agents.

It is not advised to begin to take detoxification herbs as many herbs have interactions with many medications as well as can deplete already scarce minerals within the body. It is recommended to take a slow and gentle approach to detoxification as well as working with your holistic provider on your individual needs. Biochemically, every human being is uniquely coded along with genetic elements that affect the body’s ability to detoxify. I think many people are often desperate to know how to get unsick when they are not feeling well and or want to know how to get over being sick fast, yet lack the understanding in laboratory testing to determine what things are in the body that are making the body unwell.

Naturally, if a person is already under the weather even with a common cold, detoxification is not a healthy option until the energy levels are back up to neutral. It is important to establish a baseline of energy before a person attempts to detoxify itself. Slow and steady always wins the race. I have found that so many toxins are within our environment that make it difficult to determine what is in the body and the most effective time for it to come out.

In my view, I never treat unless I know what I treating. Otherwise, I could do more harm than good. I test for acute conditions that have cough, cold, and flu symptoms using AK testing or muscle testing. Muscle testing allows for me to identify a virus, bacteria, etc quickly in order to apply the appropriate treatment. As a result, this teaches me yo teach my patients how to get unsick and of course how to get unsick fast. However, AK testing in my opinion is not effective for chronic multifaceted conditions which is why I use it only for acute conditions. Otherwise, I use advanced functional laboratory testing to be able to determine the root cause of why someone is unwell, which again can be multifaceted. Root causes come from heavy metal toxicities, viruses, chemicals, molds, etc. that then attack organs, weaken their functioning and prevent the body from being well. If you want to know how to get unsick and/or how to get her being sick fast it is important to know and perform the appropriate testing to determine the cause before treating. Otherwise, you are just guessing which may or may not cause more harm than good

You’re in Charge!

There are things you can do today to start taking steps to regain your health. And the good news is that they don’t require any fad diets or extreme cardio workouts. Food is your tool for good health. Use it.

  1. Figure out how many calories you need and then make better food choices. We have a metabolic health scale, the InBody 570, which helps determine your metabolic caloric rate.
  2. Continue to switch out the processed foods for whole foods and take notice of how you feel. Being aware of how foods affect you gives you both the knowledge and the motivation to choose the best fuel in your body. Giving yourself the optimized energy you want to live life to the fullest.
  3. Call us for help. Whatever your need is, our holistic family doctor are here to give you what you need, to support and guide you. Because we understand that getting healthy and staying healthy takes work and resources.

At Holistic Family Practice we offer educational classes and support about digestion Issues for the whole family. Check out our website for more information or give us a call. We’re here for you!

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