Pharmacy School Graduation Announcements and Invitations guide


These days, the neighborhood homeschoolers have been doing one of 3 things:

1. Inventing their own handcrafted card.

2. Purchasing an announcement card kit at an office supply or craft store.

3. Taking their senior picture, along with the necessary information about graduation to Walmart or the neighborhood pharmacy or Vistaprint and developing a postcard (Christmas photo-card style).

There is absolutely no rule in what you devote announcements but this is what our local homeschoolers often include:Steps to make pharmacy school graduation announcements


Is going to be graduating on (or invites you to become listed on him at his graduation party or commencement exercises or something along that line)

Name of homeschool or umbrella school

Graduation date and time

at (give location information)

A well liked verse or line of poetry or something fun

Any instructions (as with reception info or food info or activity info)

Mail these out in plenty of time prior to the event (four weeks or 14 days, according from what the neighborhood culture is). Announcements and invitations can be on a single postcard (or card).
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