Top 3 Commercial Interior Design Trends


The layout of your new office, a new restaurant or a new store will set the tone and decide whether you can give your customers a lasting impression. After getting a new office space, it is important to spend some money and effort to renovate it. At which point, you would naturally be considering the type of look or design that your space should have.

To help stimulate your thinking, we have come up with the top 3 commercial interior design in 2020 for you to choose from.

Lines and Geometric Patterns

There is a rise in the number of offices and restaurants that use geometric patterns in their interior design. It can be a full wall dedicated to the repetition of geometric patterns or you can see floorings designed with lines and patterns.

This design is striking and it creates a lasting impression on your visitors. When loud colours are added to the design of the lines and geometric patterns, it will bring out the personality of your office and customers will feel the vibrant atmosphere that is brought out by the interior design of your office or store.


This is getting more popular as we see more environmental advocates. People are also seeing the benefits of placing more plants in their workspace. The plants not only help one to become more productive, and it also helps to regulate the air in the office.

The beautiful eco-design can also help you to relax your eyes after staring at your screen for a prolonged period. It is great to take a breather in between work and enjoy the beauty of your office that is decorated with nature. This design also helps to increase employees’ efficiency and decrease their stress level, making it a conducive workspace for all.


Sometimes the function of your work will require you to be in a softer environment to focus. This is when loud colours will not do you good. Nowadays, more people are opting for a minimalistic design for their office. The white backdrop and simple partitions between colleagues can help to create a more conducive environment for one to focus on getting the different jobs done.

More restaurants and cafes are also adopting this. The minimalistic design gives customers a calming feeling, making them want to visit the place again and again. It can also become a must-go place for the influencers to take aesthetically pleasing photographs for their feed.

These are the top 3 commercial interior designs you can choose from depending on the style your company wants to go for.  The type of commercial interior design you decide to go with should depend on your business function and what you want to portray to your customers. Speak to an office interior design company to find out more today.

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