The Benefits of Concentration Meditation


Entire libraries can be written on the subject of concentration meditation, and it still wouldn’t be adequate to hide everything. This article will be much shorter and aimed at the ones that are wondering about the benefits of concentration meditation.

Concentration meditation at its core is merely the act of concentrating on an object with your mind (usually the breath). It’s something that is theoretically very easy to do, however in practice, if you wish to attain deeper states, you will have to devote a lot of effort. Concentration meditation was the Buddha’s traditional yogic approach, also known as Samatha.

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The Differences Between Concentration and Insight Meditation
Before we talk about the advantages of sustained long-term concentration meditation, it’s important to differentiate between Insight/Mindfulness meditation and concentration meditation. Insight/Mindfulness meditation, such as Vipassana, will not focus on any particular thing apart from feeling at peace in as soon as. It’s an activity of letting sensations arise and pass.

Both types of meditation, if practiced long enough, will eventually converge and reach the same destination, producing the same changes in the body.

Think about it such as this: Insight meditation produces some sort of penetrative wisdom that allows one to see things as they really are-basically, it means seeing through objects. Concentration meditation comes with an totally different purpose-it grows your brain and makes its objects very powerful.

Somebody who exclusively practices concentration meditation and does not incorporate at least some type of insight practice to their routine risks becoming delusional. Concentration meditation magnifies the brain’s convenience of imagination, and you’ll eventually see very vivid visions. Wisdom and healthy skepticism is necessary so you don’t misunderstand reality.

Ultimately, your targets should help you select what the correct path is designed for you. In case a perfect interpretation of the universe and the truth is what you’re seeking, then Insight meditation offers a path towards that.

I’m biased towards concentration meditation because I think it’s the better path. Not just that, but almost everything the Buddha taught was in some way or another related to concentration meditation-in fact, by developing himself very much through concentration meditation, it was easier for him to get insight.

And that’s an important thing to take into account-once you have sufficient power of concentration, you’ll be able to use that concentration towards insight and move on to your destination much faster than anyone who has never practiced concentration meditation.
Access concentration is a trance-like state where your perception remains centered on your object-of-concentration. Where before, your attention may sway backwards and forwards between subjects, thoughts or senses; afterwards, your perception is strong and concentrated. This level of concentration gives you to delve deeper within yourself, solving real problems permanently.

The purpose of this particular practice is to delve deep inside your perception and understand the qualities of your sensate reality. This is actually the reality you generally experience moment-to-moment, including sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feels and thoughts. At a surface level, this practice appears primitive, simple or even nonsensical but as you keep up to visit inwards; you’ll discover inherent qualities before unnoticed. Understanding these qualities will help you to alter and better understand your moment-to-moment perception and present you greater control over your life. Equally as a microscope provides greater insight into our physiology; so too, meditation provides greater insight into our perception.

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