Wedding Favours: A Complete Guide


A wedding favour is a gift, usually small that is given as a token of appreciation to the guests.

The main aim of a wedding favour is to thank the guests when planning on taking part in your wedding and sharing in a special moment.

They can either be handed out during the wedding or after the marriage.

However, the ideal moment to hand out the favours is through the wedding.

Handing out wedding favours is not really a task that the bride and groom do personally.

However, the bride and groom make the primary decisions regarding the items in the package, the design of the packaging, and where so when the guests receive their favours.

What do you Give as Wedding Favours?
Handing out wedding favours is an outstanding way to celebrate your wedding day with your guests, it is essential to note that it is not mandatory.

A good wedding favour is bound to cement the memory of your wedding in the memories of your guests for life.

Below are some common favours that you can give your guests;

Chocolates and Sweets
Chocolates are a few of the most typical wedding favours.

You can always choose to hand out sweets and chocolates in packages that are smartly designed to guests as favours.

Customized Glassware
Glassware, like shot glasses, are always a great option for wedding favours.

Other types of custom glassware are pint, wine glasses, champagne flutes, ceramic mugs, or tea mugs.

However, you have to make sure that the glassware is not too fragile it gets destroyed before reaching your guests’ home.

Cookies and Cakes
Cookies are the most inexpensive favours at hand out.

A custom cookie design is always a great option.

You can get the cookies customized with your names, the same colour schemes at the marriage, the wedding dates, and creative shapes.

Cakes are also an excellent option.

Other types of wedding favours include bags, beverages, and even sources or gourmet preserves.

How Much Should You Spend on Wedding Favours?
Planning a wedding is very costly, there are always a thousand and one things on that you’ve to invest money.

For instance, a wedding dress is one of the most expensive single products at a marriage.

It is almost impossible to talk a bride into wearing an inexpensive gown.

Brides are always looking to stun with custom made designs or designs that are specifically personalized to fit their body condition and type.

The aim is to leave a lasting footprint and appearance your best.

The dress is also coupled with accessories, shoes, veil, and sometimes gloves.

The venue is also a costly part of the wedding.

It is more expensive if you are planning on searching for a breathtaking space.

Other wedding expenses include the foods and drinks, the photographers and videographers, the marriage planner, and transportation.

Another unlikely cost is wedding favours.

What is The Cost of Wedding Favours?
The cost of the wedding favours is determined by the kind of gifts you choose to give to your guests.

It also is determined by the number of guests that you intend to gift.

To save on costs, some couples choose and then hand out gifts to the bridal and groom party.

It is, however, essential to make certain that the expense of the favours is not too much since almost all of enough time, there isn’t much money left from planning all of those other wedding.

If you budget well, you can finish up spending less than three hundred dollars on average for the wedding favours.

DIY favours are always the cheapest option.

Candy, cookies and other baked gifts are also much less costly as items like bags.

The choice you make will depend on the size of your bank account or pocket.

Do you Have to Have Wedding Favours?
Handing out favours is always a good idea to show appreciation and help your guests feel special during your big day.

It is, however, not a must-have part of the wedding.

The following factors will help you determine whether or not to do wedding favours in your wedding;

The Budget
Handing out wedding favours means more wedding cost.

The cost of wedding favours differs from one form to a new.

However, the primary determinant of whether or not to provide out wedding favours is the marriage budget.

Many are times when the wedding budget is too tight to accommodate the added cost, no matter how inexpensive they are simply.

You can, however, always choose to give out DIY favours.

The downside to this type of favours is that they take a lot of energy to make, and as we all know, “time is money.”

If you have a friendly budget, you can choose to go all out on the gifts.

The Number of Wedding Guests
If you have invited hundreds of wedding guests, wedding favours might cost more.

In such situations, you can choose to forego giving the favours.

However, if you have a few guests, you can simply afford to hand out the wedding favours.

As a wedding couple, you can choose to hand out favours for some parties at the marriage.

For instance, you can decide to only give your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts to thank them when planning on taking part in your special day.

The most important determinant of whether or not to hand out wedding favours is the budget.

Why do You Give Favours at Weddings?
Wedding favours are not really a mandatory part of an wedding, however, couples may choose to hand them out for various reasons.

Below are some explanations why couples choose to give favours throughout a wedding;

As a way of thanking guests…
Wedding favours are an unbelievable way to demonstrate appreciation to guests for being part of your wedding day.

Weddings are extremely hectic, they require so many sacrifices both on the side of the guests and the wedding party.

The guests sacrifice their time, money and comfort to wait the wedding.

It is especially a major sacrifice when the guests have to go to a destination wedding and leave behind their family, and children.

It is, therefore, a good idea to hand them gifts showing appreciation for all the above-mentioned sacrifices.

As a way of making sure that the wedding is memorable…
Wedding favours are also a amazing way of ensuring that the guests have a lasting memory of your wedding day.

For instance, if you are giving out novelties like customized glasses and mugs or portraits the guests reach take home something that will last a long time and always remind them of the wonderful time that that they had in the wedding.

For parents to the bride and the groom, wedding favours are keepsakes that permit them to memorize the marriage and remind them of the wedding day.

As a way of avoiding wastage during a wedding…
Some couples choose to hand out wedding favour boxes as a way of utilizing the excesses during a wedding.

For instance, if the couple got a lot of food cooked that not absolutely all than it was eaten during the wedding, they can choose to pack the food in to-go bags and hand them out to the guests.

Also, flowers and decorations can be handed to guests as wedding favours.

This helps the couple to utilize all the items that they spent a lot of money to purchase.

It is no secret that flowers are incredibly expensive and almost all of enough time they wither following a few days.

There are several unique ideas about how to give wedding favours at a wedding.

However, below are some factors that regulate how you give out favours.

The History of Wedding Favours
We’re all acquainted with wedding favours today.

However, you could be amazed by how long they have been around.

Below is a breakdown of the history of wedding favours.

Wedding favours emerged hundreds of years ago when European nobles started sending their wedding visitors home with a bonbonniere – just a little, stone-decorated box made of porcelain, gem, gold, or metal.

This was back when sugar was rare, and these couples would distribute bonbonnieres with sugar shapes and confections to not merely thank their visitors for coming to the marriage but to also display their riches.

At the point when sugar started to be more cost-efficient, numerous couples who weren’t privileged started handing out wedding favours.

The Jordan almond
One that has been covered with sugar – ended up being extremely mainstream.

Intended to speak to both the sweet and harsh elements of wedded life, Jordan almonds were frequently enveloped in organza or ribbon and given out in augmentations of five.

The five Jordan almonds symbolized joy, health, life span, fertility and riches.

Traditionally, couples discovered that by offering favours, they are bringing good karma with their relatives and buddies.

In any case, while the convention of love birds handing out favours is a large piece of weddings today, the types of favours have developed monstrously, frequently in relation to the couple’s wedding subject, the couple’s way of life, common sense, the wedding season, or the girl of the hour and man of the hour’s near to home interests.

Currently, wedding favours can be anything from edibles to candles, dish sets, or liners.the girl of the hour are just constrained by their minds.

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