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In the restaurant and food world, safety is important. Imagine a world where general contractors told their crew to bring “head coverings” to the job site instead of providing them with helmets. How many preventable accidents would have to occur before someone insisted on a set of standards in areas like functionality, materials and coverage?

The truth is, some face masks are high quality, and some are not. And many masks don’t include carbon pm2.5 filters at all. Post-COVID, the restaurant industry should be treating masks like hard hats, not like a personal accessory. A low-quality mask creates an unnecessary risk to the health of your employees, your customers and your business. That’s why you should choose a mask that is effective, safe and comfortable for use in an active workplace setting.

When you purchase mask, don’t choose a “face covering”. Select a high-quality Puraka mask with a meltblown pm2.5 filter and six essential elements that no mask should be without. We invite you to evaluate a carbon filter approach and decide if re-usable workplace masks could be a good fit for you.

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