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The advantages of Learning a musical instrument
There are many reasons that folks take up playing the harp. For most people, it’s because they want to have the ability to play it, because they know that not only will they have the ability to show their music to bring joy to other people, but also that the experience of playing itself is deeply enjoyable. But many studies have shown that we now have many reasons beyond just the pleasure of playing and performing which means that it’s smart to learn a musical instrument. Here are just some of the findings:

This study found that the range of skills a musician uses when learning and performing promotes “brain plasticity” across a person’s life time. This not only means that musicians are better at learning languages, because of strengthened connections between auditory and motor regions, but also that there surely is “prospect of music making as an interactive treatment or intervention for neurological and developmental disorders, as well as those associated with normal aging.”

Just like walking and eating healthily will prolong your physical health as you age, studies have shown that exercising the human brain by learning a musical instrument can better your memory, verbal fluency, the speed of which you process information, planning ability, and other cognitive functions. As well as if you’re only picking right up an instrument later on in your life the rewards remain there: “dividends can also be in store if you decide to get a musical instrument for the first time in mid­life or beyond.”

Research (and my own personal experience) implies that music reduces anxiety and stress, and has measurable results on blood circulation pressure, heartrate and even immunological response, helping us fight off viruses.

Learning a musical instrument increases your coordination

While you train your fingers to learn a bit of music, those movements add to the list of things that your fingers are capable of doing. The first time you ever try to play a musical instrument, it’s very difficult work to really get your fingers to do what you want these to do. That is why the beginning of the course involves simple melodies-it’s hard at first to really get your fingers to play any notes in a specific order. But as time passes and through repetition it becomes easier, and a bit that requires a complete beginner many hours to learn can be found by a skilled player in minutes simply because their fingers are being used to relocating certain ways. This may then transfer to other skills from playing other instruments to unrelated tasks like knitting or woodwork. The more you use your hands for playing the harp, the better your fingers are certain to get at doing other tasks as well.

According to the fascinating TED talk, understanding how to play a musical instrument helps you with several different regions of brain function, including problem solving, planning, strategizing, focus on detail and memory.
The therapeutic ramifications of harp music have been researched and well documented. Studies have demonstrated a beneficial relationship of harp music after physiological responses such as blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. Studies show that the heartrate decreases and oxygenation levels increase when harp music is played. Additionally, research has substantiated beneficial effects on perceived levels of pain, anxiety and positive emotions.

Harp Lessons Online music promotes an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and safety.
The benefits which come from taking music lessons can be invaluable no matter age. These include: improved cognitive attributes such as organization, problem solving, math, science study skills, communication and memory. The analysis of music has also been found to encourage a calmer and even more focused mind, develop creativity, increase perseverance, confidence and determination, improve dexterity and discipline, in addition to empowering ones self-esteem.

The benefits associated with private music lessons include one-on-one undivided attention with the opportunity to discover and develop one’s own learning style, the chance for the student to be named a unique individual, and the advantage of individualized lesson plans designed to maximize his / her progress.

Furthermore, the student fosters a lifelong enjoyment of music, a task one will never outgrow… that’s not really a bad investment!

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