The Pros of Sash Windows


Sash windows are a great option for homeowners who are seeking stylish, energy efficient window fittings. SJB sash windows specialize for making bespoke sash windows which can be suited to any building. Adding bespoke, quality made sash windows to your home can raise the property’s value and help to create a widely-desired period home look. Whether you need single or double glazed windows, we will craft bespoke sash windows that happen to be unique to your house.

sash and case windows Edinburgh allow you to add that desired look of period homes which can add value to your home.
Installing sash windows will allow you to make the most of modern technology with:
increased window security.
reduced noise and air pollution.
improved energy efficiency.
reduced heating bills.

1. Safe and secure
2. Energy efficient
3. Low maintenance
4. Versatile
5. Functional

Safe and secure
Our sliding sash windows can incorporate a number of safety features. Secure locking systems and Georgian bars will make sure you feel safe at home. Sliding sash windows can even be fitted with child safety restrictors. These window restrictors limit the opening distance of the window to make you as well as your family safe from inside and out.

Energy efficient
Just like all our window options, our sliding sash range can perform ‘A’ Window Energy Rating. Their modern design means forget about unwanted draughts or cold spots. You can expect to feel warm during the Winter and save money on energy bills. While in the Summer, sliding sash windows can be opened wide to let in a welcome breath of fresh air.

Low maintenance
Whether you opt for sliding sash windows from our uPVC or traditional timber range, both are really easy to take care of. With uPVC, all they need is the occasional wipe down to keep them looking clean and new for years to come. Traditional timber windows are equally easy to keep. Finished with a smooth, long-lasting coating; with the proper care our timber sliding sash windows have a lifespan of between 60 and a century.

Whether you stay in a period property or a stylish modern apartment, our sliding sash windows can be the ideal solution for your window upgrade. Our extensive range of timber sash windows can ensure your Georgian or Victorian heritage property is tastefully upgraded to retain its traditional style and character. If your home is modern-day, something from our uPVC range could be the answer when contemplating bettering your home.

Sliding sash windows will be the most requested alternative to standard casement windows. Fitted with strong, high quality balances, our sliding sash windows provide a smooth, reliable procedure for many years to come.

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