What are the advantages of going to gym?


Joining a gym at any time of life could be a daunting experience if you’re not used in their mind, but this post is about to show you 20 positive great things about joining a gym that may enhance your l in the event that e extraordinarily, particularly if you’re over forty yrs . old.

Let’s get into it.

Fitter than you’ve been for years
Man lifting weights in the fitness center
You’re fitter and stronger than you have been for a long time.

You’re more flexible, with a strong body and better skin.

You have endorphins and testosterone pulsing through your blood and your wife/partner finds your increased energy levels and new appetite for life irresistible.

This is the vision that many people have if they decide to join a gym, and it’s one that can become a reality if you’re willing to commit to the habit of training at a gym.

The benefits are huge, and so despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, continue reading to discover twenty impressive great things about joining a gym.

Benefits of joining a gym – Direct benefits and XSport Fitness Prices
1 . Improved health
A smiling middle-aged man with wife in the woods. Healthy man benefits of joining the gym.
Let’s start with the obvious. When you regularly attend a gym and are smashing the cardio and weights, you’re definitely going to see an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.
Working out regularly can also reduce your risk of injury and illness as well as preventing osteoporosis (bone weakness/loss).

Your efforts may also lower your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, raised chlesterol and diabetes (type II).

Additionally , lifting weights regularly can be a far better way to lose weight than only doing cardio such as running, cycling or swimming.

There are three main reasons because of this.

Your metabolism stays higher for longer following a weights session
Muscle regeneration. Your body uses calories to rebuild your muscles after a weights session (when muscle tissue ache)
BMR. Once you have stronger muscles, you use more calories to feed them
2 . Equipment and expert knowledge
A gym full of equipment is one of the many benefits of joining a gym.
Most gyms are going to be full of everything you’ll ever need for your workouts. From rowing machines to saunas, treadmills to free weights, whatever fitness goals you would like to achieve you’ll find the equipment to get you there at the gym.

Additionally , there should be a qualified instructor in your gym to assist you use the mach in es and exercise correctly. Priceless when you’re just getting started.

Regardless of the equipment and space you have at home, you’re going to struggle to compete with the resources and expertise of any gym.

3. Classes & community
Then, of course , there are the classes and a community of individuals all with the same intentions as you. Getting fit.

Spinning, Yoga, Crossfit, you name it…

Most gyms offer loads of classes these days at different times of your day to suit your needs. They can be hugely motivating and help you move nearer to your health goals quicker.

As adults with jobs and kids, it’s often difficult to expand our social circle outside of the usual places; work, school, the local pub.

However , hitting the gym regularly will help you to make friends with a variety of different people with similar health goals for you. Having buddies to meet and workout with can be one of the most motivating factors in reaching your wellend up beinging goals.
Benefits of joining a gym – Additional benefits
So we’ve been through the obvious three benefits above, but have you considered the following additional benefits of joining a gym?

4. Dramatically increase your chances of actually getting fit
A recent study (2017) at Iowa University found that people who belonged to a gym not only exercised more – for both aerobic activity and strength training – they also had better cardiovascular health outcomes. Those health benefits were even greater for individuals who had a gym membership for greater than a year.

The report’s author Duck-chul (DC) Lee, said: “Gym members were 14 times more aerobically active than nonmembers and 10 times more likely to meet muscle-strengthening guidelines, regardless of their age and weight. ” The results were similar in both women and men.
5. Increased energy levels
Fact. Exercise increases energy levels and helps you feel more alert.

If you often feel tired throughout the day and can only dream of having the energy levels of a 5-year-old, then I’ve got news for you.

Only by running and skipping around like a 5-year-old will you feel like one! (Catch22).

Yep, all that huffing and puffing as you workout in the gym is going to improve your lung capacity, which will mostow for much more oxygen to be pumped into your brain and bloodstream helping you feel more alert and ready for action (or such as a 5-year-old).

In addition , regular exercise helps your blood to circulate oxygen to your muscles more efficiently giving you a heightened degree of energy production.
6. Reduced hip and back pain
My own journey to joining the gym began when a crippling back pain saw me head to a physio for answers. She told me about the benefits of joining a fitness center and also advised me to start running, swimming and stretching.

She was right, and although I’m in no position to give you medical advice (consult your doctor, okay) by regularly working out and strengthening my hamstrings, core, lower back and overall body has improved my back pain immeasurably.

Middle-aged man in the gym work within g on flexibility and balance.
7. Improved balance and flexibility
We recently asked stretching and flexibility expert Brad Walker from The Stretch Coach what happens to our bodies as we age and what we can do to keep ourselves flexible, well-balanced and pain-free? His response:

“If you don’t use it (your body), you’re going to lose it. ”

“As we age all of our muscles and soft tissues begin to shorten and shrink and we lose lots of elasticity so everything from the ligaments, muscles and tendons start to shorten, contract and tighten up ( which is why old people shrink in height and appearance bent over).

“By keeping our muscles strong and stretching (as you should be doing before and after your work out) it’s really going to help you move around without restriction and without aches or pains. What most people don’t realise is that most of their problems could be solved with just a little bit of relief from that painful area. ”

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