Does Dad Deserve A Push Present?


Push presents in the past years have always been considered important to mothers who are about to deliver. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? These gifts are often given to moms as a ‘thank you’ for delivering a baby. We ask, is there a need to change the narrative? Should a push present for dad be a ‘thing’?

Let’s rationalize it shall we? In this post, we are going to take a look at 5 key reasons why dad should be getting a push gift too.

Does Dad deserve a Push Present?

A few people might argue about this topic! Sure, dad hasn’t gone through the tiresome, painful, and drawn out agony of childbirth… we understand that. But, he has been there for mom during the pregnancy, and the childbirth (we hope).

Just as the mothers deserve a push present, it is key to give dad a gift too. It shows a sign of appreciation for their constant support during the gestation period. Additionally, it is important to be able to show that you care about them as both of you celebrate the new baby, and the beginning of life as a bigger family!

5 reasons why dad deserve a push present

Some of the reasons that contribute to the reasons why dads deserve a push present:

He (should have) helped during the pregnancy

Helping during pregnancy is one of the major reasons why there is a need for a dad push present. Most dads who always walked the journey with their spouses are likely to be given a gift as a token of their appreciation for their presence.

However, this may not apply fully to the fathers who have not been around, especially those who have neglected their spouses once they found out they are pregnant. Push gifts are for the deserving fathers only!

He (Should Have) Helped During Childbirth

When dad was present for the childbirth, there is a need to give them a push present as they stood by you during the hardest part of the pregnancy period. Additionally, the joy of a woman seeing the man being beside her when they are straight from labor strengthens the bond; thus, they become deserving because of their love and support throughout the journey.

It Is A Nice Thing To Do

Offering your other half a gift is among the best thing to do. Often it is taken as a nice thing to do whereby the man feels encouraged, and their manhood is reinforced. This will always act as a reminder of the love from their partner.

He Needs A Boost

The push present may be a sign of motivation of the dad; through this, the dad gets to see that you fully trust and have confidence in them that they are going to be the best dad. This also encourages them that you believe that you wouldn’t go through the journey without them. Nonetheless, this boosts his self-esteem. It is a win-win situation!

He Will Need Some New Dad EquipmentAs the D-day arrives, the dad will also require some materials that will assist them in taking care of the baby. Use this opportunity to buy a ‘dad’ thing that he will need to help bring up the baby. That way, you have bought dad a gift AND it is one that is useful! Who knows… you might even find it useful too!


Push presents are not just for moms, despite them doing much of the hard work! Hopefully, dads will have played a huge part in the pregnancy, and childbirth. If they have, then they also deserve a push gift.

If dad hasn’t been much help during the pregnancy, and didn’t help much during the childbirth, then he doesn’t deserve one. However, if you have picked his gift wisely, you can still use it to your advantage!

Good luck!

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