How to Get Rid of Rats at Home?


Rats are creepy, and even creepier when you see them inside your house at New Smyrna Beach. More importantly, they carry diseases that can be lethal to humans. It is pivotal to keep these rodents away from home. Rats can bite through anything and everything on its way. The most important damage it can cause is to the electrical cable. There are times when it may lead to a fire hazard.

How to Spot Them?

Rats are found in warm and dry places, and places that have food nearby. They are nocturnal and hard to find during the daytime. But, they can be spotted from the rat droppings and footprints. They are often too noisy for a rodent that you can even hear it sometimes. The holes you see in your bags, containers, & cables can all be precursors to a potential rat infestation.

How to Get Rid of Them?

Identifying a rat infestation in its early stages is essential to control the spread. There are some home remedies you can rely on to keep the rats away from your home in New Smyrna Beach.

Sealing the Gaps

Find the entry point of the rat. They get into your house through gaps and holes. Broken drainages are also another entry point, so make sure that you maintain it properly. If you manage to find their entry point, plug in a wool ball, caulk, or cement to block it. Otherwise, call a pest control expert to get an inspection of the site and see what’s wrong.


Rats are very hard to notice in the daytime, even if there is one inside your home. Keep your things decluttered and clean. Less clutter gives a lesser place for the rats the thrive. Make sure that you clean your dust bins daily and always keep them closed. Also, clean the pipes and drains regularly.

Cutting off Food Supply

Rats come out for food. If you seal every piece of food that you have, chances are that they won’t return. Avoid spillage of food and never keep the food open.

Traps and Scents

Rats hate the smell of pepper and pepper spray, spread it, or spray it nearby entry holes to repel rats. Use of a bait station, without harming the rat, is also suggested as a DIY method.

However, if you think that things are out of control at your home in New Smyrna Beach, that there is already an infestation, call in the experts. There are pest control services available anywhere you are. It is not advised to use poisons from local stores as some have no effects on the rats.

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