Make Projects Pop with the 5 Best Commercial Wallpaper Brands for a Feature Wall


A feature wall can be a fantastic addition to any upscale hotel room, trendy restaurant or modern office lobby that wants to make a visual impact without overwhelming the senses. Because feature walls are often limited to just one wall, it allows designers to take more creative risks with color and texture in commercial wallcoverings without going too far.

When choosing a commercial wallpaper for a feature or accent wall, there are a few parameters you should consider before making your final choice:

  •     Color
  •     Pattern
  •     Wall Selection

How bright do you want the wallpaper to be? Will the color-tone of your feature wall add to the rest of your designed space? How will the pattern and texture add to your desired design outcome? Which wall would you choose to ensure your accent wall gets noticed?

After careful consideration and confidence in each of these design parameters, you can make the right choice in choosing a space-defining wallpaper to accomplish the design objective you’re looking to achieve. Here is a list of some of the best commercial wallcoverings brands and designs that would make great feature wall choices:

Kenneth Gregg Palm Leaves by Koroseal

The high-resolution photography of palm leaves by Kenneth Gregg for Koroseal scream feature from the first moment it’s seen. The sheer size of this commercial wallpaper design draws the eye in and would add visual texture to a dark and intimate lounge or restaurant accented by rich jewel tones. Paired with an open patio or a selection of live greenery, it would add depth and dimension to the space adding another element of greenspace to the room.

Fromental by Koroseal

Having trouble making a commercial wallcovering selection for a feature wall? Use nature as your compass. Fromental is a handmade interior design house that specializes in decadent hand-rendered interpretations of different florals and foliage from around the world. With added elements of hand-painted and embroidered details, their collection of artistic designs would look incredible accenting a wall in a boutique hotel room or in the lobby.

Crossing Waves Seaweed by Koroseal

Designing commercial spaces for a hospital or school environment? Consider a more subtle design that features natural textures in soothing tones of blue and green for your accent wall. The Crossing Waves Seaweed design by Koroseal uses long flowing lines reminiscent of the ocean to create a soothing and relaxing feel to spaces inspired by nature.

Orange Bricks by Seabrook

Give your commercial office space an industrial feel with a classic realistic brick feature wall by Seabrook. A great selection for adding dimension and texture to spaces that feature blank white walls, this commercial wallcovering works best with hardwood or polished concrete floors and comes without the hassle and maintenance associated with older buildings. Brick designs remain a classic choice in modern design modalities that favor a minimalist and raw design mentality.

Sarah Rowland by Koroseal

Inspired by bright colors and bold, geometric patterns, Sarah Rowland designs are the perfect way to spice up a muted palette. Equally at home as an accent wall behind the reception desk of a design office lobby or the front desk of a hotel lobby, these lively patterns and colors will bring a vibrant energy to even the most modest of themes. Be warned, these patterns aren’t for the faint of heart.

Feature walls, while often bright and attention-grabbing, can also be used as soothing accents to commercial spaces depending on the goal of the designer. Whether it’s a fresh and trendy restaurant or a calm and relaxing spa environment, interior designers and contractors can find a large selection of wallpapers that can be used as a feature wall in any situation imaginable.


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